Happy Customers

During the course of this year, we’ve posted a number of items about the importance of claims handling and service in our industry. As we look ahead to 2008, there’s no doubt that these two factors will continue to have a major influence on insurance customer satisfaction. A new report from J.D. Power and Associates is the latest to substantiate this view. It reveals that the time it takes to repair the damage to property or vehicles has a major impact on the satisfaction of homeowners and auto insurance claimants. For example, among the two-thirds of customers whose vehicles are fixed and returned within 14 days, satisfaction averages 843 on a 1,000-point scale. But that satisfaction declines by 71 points among the 36 percent of customers who must wait longer than two weeks for their vehicle to be repaired. Homeowners claimants are similarly impacted when repairs take longer than initially expected, J.D. Power reports. It goes on to say that managing customer expectations is a crucial part of the claims process. Something to keep in mind as we go into 2008.

FYI this is our last posting of the year. Thanks for reading and join us January 2 for more commentary on the industry.  

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