Hollywood Land Sale

News from Los Angeles that the mountaintop property just west of the iconic Hollywood sign is for sale is rightly sparking debate among city council officials and residents concerned that building homes on the peak will ruin one of the city’s most famous views. The 138 acres of land was listed for sale Wednesday by a Chicago investment group with a breathtaking price tag of $22 million. Apparently city officials and conservationists tried two years ago to buy the property and make it a part of Griffith Park but their fundraising attempts were unsuccessful. A February 13 article in the LA Times tells more on this unfolding story. But apart from spoiling the view, let’s not forget the wildfire risk. As has been widely reported, Griffith Park suffered two wildfires last year that burned about 950 acres of land. The wildfire risk only increases as people move into high risk areas. What do you think? Check out further I.I.I. facts and stats about California wildfires.  

One thought on “Hollywood Land Sale”

  1. Having grown up within sight of the Hollywood sign I have strong feelings against putting homes up next to it. The best outcome would be to add the property to Griffith Park. Wildfire concerns, with the potential for landslides in the following winter, also raise questions as to whether building homes on the property is the best use of the land. The hillside is steep on the surrounding property.

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