The mission of the Insurance Information Institute is to build public understanding of insurance—what it does and how it works—primarily through the media.

Only the I.I.I. among industry organizations is dedicated solely to making sure the media covers our business fairly and accurately. At the same time, I.I.I. assists its member companies with their communications, information and planning needs.

To fulfill its mission, the I.I.I. plays three key roles. The first is that of the “go-to source” for insurance information, educating the public on how insurance works by serving as the media’s basic source of record on insurance concerns.

The I.I.I. also serves as the industry’s “public voice,” devoting special attention to issues of critical importance to the industry. At this time, the I.I.I. is focusing on natural disasters, overall market conditions, underwriting criteria, terrorism, litigation, and corporate social responsibility.

In addition, the I.I.I. serves as “information resource to the industry,” conducting research and analysis, assisting members with their research needs and helping national and state industry groups in communicating more effectively with the public.

In order to achieve all aspects of its mission, the I.I.I. maintains two Web sites: a public site for consumers and the media; and a separate, password-protected site to serve the needs of member companies.

Membership in I.I.I. is available to property/casualty, life/health and reinsurance companies. Dues are based on a company’s direct written premiums. For more information contact