Northeast Hurricane Project Meeting

How can the Northeast states prepare for a major hurricane? A New York City conference held on March 19, 2008 focused on topics such as:

  • Extent of the hurricane risk. This session will include meteorologists, modeling agencies, academics, etc.
  • Lessons learned from multiple hurricanes in Florida, Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.
  • Economic ramifications for insurers, reinsurers, individuals, states, municipalities, businesses, NGOs, etc.
  • Role of the news media in covering hurricanes, disaster-preparedness and consumer education.
  • Coordination of resources before and after an event.

There were three major goals for this meeting.

  • Communicate to the public and the media that the risk of a catastrophic hurricane in the Northeast and New England is real and potentially devastating.
  • Facilitate coordination and discussion among insurance organizations, local, state and federal emergency management agencies and others about actions that need to be taken now.
  • Educate the public that preparing now for a hurricane will greatly improve the recovery process after a catastrophic storm.

Conference Agenda (PDF)

Hurricane Risk in the Northeast United States: A Real and Present Danger (PDF)

National Hurricane Project Meeting: A Directory of Resources (PDF)

Clip Abstracts (PDF)