The Winter of 2014 is Off to a Cold and Blustery Start


 If there’s a silver lining to the snow, ice and wind that have battered much of the country – other than great conditions for skiing, snowshoeing and other winter sports, that is – it’s that most winter-related damage is covered by insurance.

If the weight or snow or ice damages your roof?  You‘re covered!  Burst pipes?  Covered again! And if falling trees or tree limbs land on your house,  you’re not only covered for the damage to your house; you’re also covered for the damage to items in your house as well.

Winter driving can be a challenge. And, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has tips for driving in bad weather. But, let’s say you hit your garage pulling into the driveway, or you car is damaged by a pothole. Collision coverage pays for this.  Flooding, fallen ice or tree limbs that land on your car? Comprehensive insurance covers these hazards. And, if you get into an accident with another driver,  liability insurance has got you covered.

Old man winter is no match for your insurance policy. However, it always important to make sure that you understand your  home and auto insurance coverage and have both the right amount and type of insurance for your needs. Make a list of all your questions and give your Insurance Professional a call to go over your policy. You will be glad that you did.

And for more information on preparing your home for severe cold weather go to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety.


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