Car and Driver … and Economist


The 54.5 MPG CAFE fuel mileage standard (mandated by 2025) means that U.S. carmakers need to get serious about fuel efficiency. Really serious.

To reach this goal, some makers will follow the maxim “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday”  by adapting radical new racetrack technologies to the assembly line.

But that’s a road Ford is not traveling… at least not in its venerable F-150 pickup truck, for more than 30 years the bestselling vehicle on America’s highways. Befitting its bestseller status, the F-150 has to be all things to all people. So, if Ford is to deliver new thinking, they’ve got to do it in a familiar package. Their solution? To drape the 13th-generation model of its flagship pickup in aluminum sheet metal.

READ AND LEARN.  How well do you know your auto coverage?

But the F-150 is possibly the meatiest of meat-and-potatoes rides, and not some piece of automotive exotica. Thus, Ford’s weight- and fuel-saving solution also has to be as rugged, easy-to-maintain, and affordable to repair as steel body panels … and, of course, cost about the same to insure. Quite the set of challenges.

So how are they doing? Car and Driver surveyed, well, a truckload of experts, including Dr. Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute. You may be surprised at his answer—that insuring the next-gen F-150 should cost pretty much the same. Why–and what can Hartwig’s answer tell you about auto insurance in general? Read on and wonder no more…


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