How Insurers Can Manage the “Great Resignation”

By Maria Sassian, Triple-I Consultant If you didn’t quit your job this year, chances are you’re thinking about it:  41 percent of the global workforce is considering leaving their employer this year according to a Microsoft study. U.S. workers are quitting in record numbers: 4.3 million resigned in August, nearly 3 percent of the U.S. … Continue reading How Insurers Can Manage the “Great Resignation”

Invest in Technology — But Don’t Forget
to Invest in People

A recent survey of insurance underwriters found that 40 percent of their time is spent on “tasks that are not core” to underwriting. The top three reasons they cited are: Redundant inputs/manual processes; Outdated/inflexible systems; and Lack of information/analytics at the point of need. The survey – conducted by The Institutes and Accenture – also … Continue reading Invest in Technology — But Don’t Forget
to Invest in People

Insurance & “The New Normal”

By Tasha Williams, Senior Research Writer At Triple-I’s 2021 Joint Industry Forum (JIF) on Thursday, December 2, CEO Sean Kevelighan challenged attendees to ponder a question: “What do we know about the new normal?” In his opening presentation and a sit-down with NBC correspondent Contessa Brewer, Kevelighan shared insights on how the emerging post-pandemic reality … Continue reading Insurance & “The New Normal”

Insurers Focusing
on Retention and Recruitment

Retaining and recruiting talent has been a priority for years, but the pandemic changed how insurers approach these needs, a panel of experts concluded at Triple-I’s Joint Industry Forum (JIF) last week. The panel examined whether insurers’ growing comfort with remote work will lead to a more diverse workforce and if technological advances would give insurance industry … Continue reading Insurers Focusing
on Retention and Recruitment

Bridging the Insurance “Talent Gap”

By Maria Sassian, Triple-I consultant Even before the pandemic and “the great resignation,” insurance faced a “talent gap”.  Part of the challenge has been finding replacements for a rapidly retiring workforce, as the median age of insurance company employees is higher than in other financial sectors. The industry also needs new talent skill sets to … Continue reading Bridging the Insurance “Talent Gap”

JIF 2021: Risk & the “New Normal”

Insurance industry decision makers and thought leaders gathered yesterday for the Triple-I Joint Industry Forum (JIF) in New York City to share insights on managing risk in the post-pandemic world. The in-person, daylong program was conducted in accordance with New York City’s COVID-19 protocols. Topics ranged from climate and cyber risk and the impact of “runaway … Continue reading JIF 2021: Risk & the “New Normal”