A world without insurance? Not if these University of Alabama students can help it!

By Steven Weisbart, Chief Economist, Insurance Information Institute

Bill Rabel, a professor at the University of Alabama (and a long-time friend of mine and of the I.I.I.), has sent an email to all students who are enrolled in his fall Intro to Insurance class. Here is the opening of his email:

Dear FI 341/597 Principles of Risk Management & Insurance students,

 I’m looking forward to seeing you in class on Thursday, August 23!  The purpose of this message is to give you a head start on the fall semester—which will be here before we know it.

A major objective of the course is understanding insurance; in order to give you an idea about the important role it plays, I invite you to check out the following video: A World Without Insurance?  It’s short (about four minutes) and will give you important insights that will help you to appreciate the course, and why insurance is essential to all of us.




3 thoughts on “A world without insurance? Not if these University of Alabama students can help it!”

  1. Steven:

    Thanks. I sum it up as insurance allows greater risk taking than otherwise would be possible. This allows gain for all of society. I guess in a way a positive externality as there are parties that receive the benefit than do not pay the premiums personally!

    Regards – Richard Carris August 8, 2018

  2. I’m showing this video in my classes this week, and I also show video interviews of young people in the insurance industry excitedly talking about their chosen careers.

    I have a dream…that someday in the not-too-distant future insurance will be considered a “hot” area of study for college students!

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