And the Oscar Goes To…

It’s time to make your Oscar picks and as you select a Best Picture among this year’s crop of nominated films another question you might want to consider is what is the riskiest movie of 2008? According to Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co, honors in this category go to “The Wrestler† a drama about Randy “The Ram† Robinson, a once popular pro wrestling star, now aging and down on his luck. As an insurance risk, the film wins “most risky production† primarily because lead actor Mickey Rourke did much of his own stunt work in the film. The physicality and quantity of the stunts – in one scene Rourke has a brutal wrestling match accompanied by glass shards, staples and barbed wire – made the film a major risk. Luckily adequate precautions were in place to mitigate the risk, including insurance. Among insurance coverages for films, cast insurance covers a range of possible scenarios that could happen to an actor where production would be affected, such as illness, injury or even death. Of the total of 79 Oscar nominees this year Fireman’s Fund insured 46. Insured nominees include “Milk,† “Frost/Nixon,† “The Reader,† “The Dark Knight,† “Changeling,† “Iron Man,† “Defiance,† “In Bruges,† “The Visitor,† “Frozen River,† “Wanted,† and “Hellboy II† as well as “The Wrestler.†

And on a completely different topic here’s a note for your calendar: Fireman’s Fund and the I.I.I. invite you to participate in a webinar next Wednesday February 25 at 1pm ET/10am PT that will provide an overview of the impact of the economic stimulus plan on the property/casualty insurance industry. To register for the webinar, please contact: Susan Murdy, Fireman’s Fund ( or Loretta Worters, I.I.I. (  


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