Aon: Growing Impact of Terrorism on Business

A continued threat of a terrorist attack or political violence exists in 44 percent of countries, according to Aon’s 2013 Terrorism and Political Violence Map.

Aon says this trend is especially prevalent in African and the Northern African countries, with the worst affected being Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Thailand and the Yemen.

The Middle East and North Africa region saw the highest proportion of countries with a terrorism and sabotage peril, at 85 percent.

Despite 19 countries showing improved terrorism and political violence ratings, including the United Kingdom and Germany, Aon’s analysis suggests growing awareness is needed for businesses looking to expand.

A  press release  cites  Neil Henderson, head of Aon Risk Solutions’ Crisis Management Terrorism team:

Terrorism is having an increasing impact on today’s global organizations and terrorist attacks are now regarded as a foreseeable risk. An attack not only on, but near an organization’s premises can result in human casualties, property damage, business interruption, legal liability issues and long term damage to brand and reputation.†

The map measures political violence and terrorism in 200 countries and territories to help companies assess the risk levels of exchange transfer, political violence and terrorism.

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