Avian Flu Update

As public health officials in the U.K. continue to investigate an outbreak of the lesser strain of Avian flu (H7N2) on a farm in north Wales, we bring you I.I.I.’s update on this topic from our resident bird flu expert and economist Dr. Steven Weisbart. His latest report indicates that some 186 people have died from the H5N1 flu virus and 307 have been confirmed infected since December 2003, the start of the current outbreak. Further, in the four months since his January 30, 2007 update (see our  Jan 31  posting), 37 more people have been confirmed infected with Avian flu, of which 22 have died. In 2007 alone there have been 44 infections and 28 deaths (64 percent). This is roughly the same pace of infections and deaths as in 2006 (69 percent death rate). Human infection is still believed to be mainly from birds to humans, basically from very close contact with infected chickens and similar birds in home environments. Virtually all of the cases continue to be under 40 years old. There are still no cases of birds or people in the U.S. with this flu virus.

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