Blizzard 2010: A First Encounter

The East Coast blizzard has left thousands of passengers looking for a way to get home from the holidays. I was one of them.

My family’s return flight early Tuesday to Newark from New Orleans was cancelled. The earliest the airline could rebook us was nearly a week later.

Not wanting to wait out the delay, especially with an infant, in either the airport or a local hotel, we chose – at our own  expense – to rent a car and drive home.

Here’s a tally of the costs involved:

One-way rental car: $400

One night hotel: $100

Gas: $200

Meals: $75

Two extra days parking (for our own vehicle) at Newark airport: $40

Two extra nights boarding for our dog: $120

Refund from airline for half fare: -$200

Grand total: $735

As many displaced travelers are being reminded, airlines are not required to compensate you for hotel/transport/food costs in the event your flight is delayed due to bad weather.

Looking at the blizzard-related costs to our family has us reevaluating the need for travel insurance, especially when taking a trip during the winter months. But are such policies worth the extra cost?

A Wall Street Journal article earlier this year discussed this very dilemma, quoting I.I.I. president Dr. Robert Hartwig who was stuck in London for a week due to the eruption of the Iceland volcano.

The bottom line is that travel insurance can provide some useful protection. Check out this I.I.I. video to find out whether it’s right for you.

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