Business Continuity Threat

It’s becoming a recurring theme. Climate change has again been identified as a major threat by global businesses, according to a new survey on emerging risks conducted by Business Continuity Expo 2008 and sponsored by Marsh. Its findings reveal that some 87 percent of businesses see climate change as the single biggest threat in terms of risk assessment and the effect it could have on their businesses future growth. Perhaps of more concern, many are at a loss as to what can be done in order to prepare or plan for this eventuality. To embellish the point, the threat posed by climate change to the continuity and long-term success of their business is ahead of terrorism, pandemic flu, flooding, the credit crunch, government red-tape and outsourcing and offshoring. The survey was conducted among 150 major U.K. and European companies.

One thought on “Business Continuity Threat”

  1. I strongly disagree that climate change should influence business continuity as a large threat.
    Naturally, It is an underlying root cause of a large number of threats that BCP’s plan for, but it is a root cause that needs to be accepted, and to be investigated in terms of frequency of effects.
    So unless your BCP plan is 50-100 years ahead, just investigate the frequencies of the past 6 years separately to see the realistic trend of frequency increase of the realistic threats (storms, pandemics, earthquakes etc), and apply technical analysis to it.

    Spirovski Bozidar

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