Business Impact of Climate Change

Climate change will increase water scarcity, alter food production and dramatically change energy supply and migration patterns, according to a new report from Lloyd’s and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). The report, titled Climate Change and Security: Risks and Opportunities for Businesses, finds that businesses have a vital role to play in the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. There are many ways that business can protect itself from the adverse effects of climate change and adapt to the new conditions, but business can also contribute to the goal of minimizing climate change. Boards should consider four key points: awareness and information; risk assessment and analysis of vulnerabilities; awareness of opportunities as well as risks; and spreading best practice. The report concludes that significant changes in the natural and political environment will place great stresses on businesses of every sort, but they will also create opportunities for the alert and nimble. Check out I.I.I. information on climate change and insurance.  

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