Celebrity Risk

It’s a rather sad but inevitable part of working in the insurance business that any headline news, whether a hurricane, or train crash, or a celebrity death immediately gets you thinking about the insurance coverage involved and the potential claims that will arise. And so it is with the death yesterday of pop legend Michael Jackson. From providing appearance/event cancellation coverage, to insuring celebrity body parts, to providing death and disgrace policies, specialist insurers play a major role in providing protection to the stars and the companies that promote and sponsor them. For example, over the years Lloyd’s has insured a long line of celebrities, including Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ fingers and Marlene Dietrich’s legs, and in 2007 Lloyd’s insured the smile of America Ferrera, star of the hit television show Ugly Betty, for $10 million. Whether a musician, a sports star, or a top chef, each celebrity risk profile is different and will vary according to the individual’s occupation, health, lifestyle and associated risks. An online article today at Reinsurance magazine concerns the question of insurance coverage for event cancellation given that Michael Jackson was on the cusp of a 50 concert tour.

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