Climate Change Tops Risk List

Climate change is the greatest strategic risk that insurance industry leaders must manage if they are to maintain dominant competitive positions. A new study from Ernst & Young and Oxford Analytica puts climate change at the top of the strategic risk list for insurers, followed by demographic shifts in core markets (a priority for life insurers) and catastrophic events. The study’s findings were based on interviews with more than 70 industry analysts around the world. The analysts also identified five emerging risks, just outside the top 10, with the potential to become as significant during the next five years. These are: over reliance on model-based risk management; threats to industry reputation; losing the war for talent; increasing exposure to global regulatory heterogeneity; and the possible emergence of entirely new risks. Are you surprised by the findings? Check out Insurance Journal’s March 12 online article for more information on the study.

3 thoughts on “Climate Change Tops Risk List”

  1. I am very disappointed that people are buying into the noise being made about Global Warming. The government is misleading its constituents by regarding this as truth instead of really laying the facts out there. We as a people and employees of these companies that are concerned with this issue need to start focusing more on ways to get the economy back on track instead of filtering money into something that is not even deemed as fact.

  2. I have one answer for you: An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore – this movie is an eye opener, and yes, global warming is very real – try traveling to Alaska and see how much the glaciers receding. However, I agree with you, that the US economy is also a vital issue for Americans!

  3. I heard someone was suing Gore over “facts” he stated in his movie. It all comes down to if the warming (except over the last 10 years) is caused by man or a natural cycle. As many are affected by legislation to change man’s activity because Gore says it is fact, I would like to see the research and who is driving the issue. Many of us that are being pushed to & frow by laws limiting this or that are getting angry global warming caused by man is still a theory. Is there a scientific site that just deals with the facts and not the fluff? Science is a peer reviewed, self correcting system of determining the validity of what affects us or interests us, I’ve worked in research and believe it will answer the question if the basic tenets are followed and not hijacked by emotion. Were’s the beef?

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