Coastal Exposure

With this week living up to its billing as the peak of hurricane season, it’s a good time to review coastal property exposures. The total value of insured coastal property nationwide was $8.9 trillion in 2007, up 24 percent from 2004, according to AIR Worldwide. Florida still leads the way with nearly $2.5 trillion in insured coastal exposure, followed closely by New York with $2.4 trillion. With all eyes on the Gulf coast, we note that Texas ranks third with $895.1 billion in insured coastal exposure. The next Gulf states on the list are: Louisiana ($224.4 billion), Alabama ($92.5 billion), and Mississippi ($51.8 billion) respectively. Meanwhile, Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project today will issue its latest updated forecast  of Atlantic seasonal hurricane activity. After Gustav’s arrival this will be received with interest. Check out I.I.I. hurricane fact files and market share  for Gulf Coast  states.

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