Consumer Tip: Be sure to check your roof

This guest post comes to us from Brad Lehman, a Texan who also went through Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

As Harvey spreads chaos throughout my current home state of Texas, I haven’t forgotten that, 25 years ago,  my Florida home sat in the path of Hurricane Andrew. My family learned a lot about life and recovery from that storm.

One lesson I can pass on to Texans: When this is over, check your roof.

A scant six months after Andrew, there was a three-day storm that blew all along the Eastern Seaboard with sustained 25- to 30-mph winds. People who got slapdash roofs after Andrew saw the thin shingles flapping in the wind. Once one shingle came loose, it affected adjacent shingles.

I had a thicker shingle put on my own house, but there was a corner of the roof that began flapping. I had some roof tar and quickly glued that portion down. (Note: I am not urging you to get on your roof, especially during the storm.)

As with Andrew, many people here in San Antonio have recently had new roofs installed because of last year’s hailstorms. Was your roofer from out of town or a discounter? Once Harvey’s clouds dissipate, take a hard look at your roof. Relentless winds expose weaknesses.


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