Customer Complaints and Social Media

We reach across the pond today where a poll by the United Kingdom’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) reveals that consumers are increasingly using social media and company Web sites to complain after receiving poor service. Almost one third of consumers polled by the OFT said they would write a negative review on the company’s Web site if they did not get good service, while some consumers said they would ‘Tweet’ about a company or set up a Facebook complaints group. The survey also reveals the benefits to companies of good service. Of the consumers who received good service, 85 percent said they would recommend that retailer to their friends and family, and one in three said they would contact the business to thank them. Meanwhile, a survey here in the U.S. by Mintel Comperemedia, found that some consumers are much more likely to use blogs, Web discussion groups and social networking sites to shop for insurance than others. Of the 964 adults surveyed by Mintel, only 4 percent said they had used social media when asked where they had last researched insurance policies. However, the insurance social media usage rate was 10 percent among participants earning from $75,000 to $100,000 annually, 9 percent among participants aged 25 to 34, and 6 percent among men. These adults were also more likely to post a question on insurance on a social networking site. Check out Insurance Networking News for more on this story. Click here to become a fan of the Insurance Information Institute on Facebook. Click here to follow the blog via Twitter.

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