Cyber Monday Goes Mobile

Holiday shopping season is well and truly upon us and if you’re searching for Cyber Monday deals from your mobile device you might want to take note of a survey by Internet security firm Webroot.

Webroot surveyed 1,215 mobile device users in the U.S. and U.K. and found that 50 percent plan to make their holiday purchases using mobile devices this year — more than double the 22 percent that did so in 2010.

But convenience may come at a cost for those who skip certain measures to secure their devices and personal data.

Webroot also found that only 40 percent of respondents have a security app installed to block threats or remotely lock and locate a lost device, and a surprising 53 percent leave their devices unlocked.

In a release, Webroot cautions:

People using mobile devices are exposed to a new set of online risks: cybercriminals seed mobile markets with malicious apps that can steal your personal data or send texts and SMS messages to premium numbers. And because of their size, smartphones and tablets are easier to lose or have stolen than laptops and notebooks, which puts the vast amounts of personal data stored on them at risk.†

Webroot security experts offer the following key tips for safe mobile shopping:

– Know your apps: download apps only from a trusted source

– Lock your device: set up a password or code to protect your device when left unattended.

– Explore mobile security services: mobile security apps provide lost device protection, secure web browsing, and antimalware services.

Before you make another online purchase, be sure to also check out I.I.I. tips for avoiding identity theft.

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