Donate to Haiti Relief

Insurance industry professionals seeking to make a donation to the Haiti relief effort are being encouraged to do so via two organizations – the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and World Cares Center – both of which are supported by the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF). The IRC, with 75 years of expertise in emergency response, has sent a team of experts to Haiti to provide relief to the devastated country. World Cares Center, an organization that supports local community members as resilient first responders, is partnering with other groups to provide assistance to Haiti community groups and also support to those in the U.S. with family and friends in Haiti. “IICF is encouraging our member companies to give as generously as they can to the IRC, World Cares Center, or to other reputable relief organizations,† said Elizabeth Myatt, New York Executive Director of the IICF. IICF is also interested in learning about all industry support for Haiti relief. Please keep the IICF informed of any Haiti relief contribution made through your organization by email to

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