Driving While Distracted (DWD)

Even though 98 percent of Americans claim to be safe drivers, nearly three-quarters (72 percent) admit to engaging in some kind of distracting behavior while driving, from cell phone use to eating. The apparently contradictory finding comes in the second annual DWD study from Nationwide Insurance. While technological advances have improved driving safety in many areas, this is one where too much technology can be a bad thing. According to Nationwide, nearly half (48 percent) of drivers consider cell phone use and other technology to be the most dangerous distraction. Availability of technology was cited by 35 percent as the reason DWD is so common today. Texting while driving is also a growing problem. It’s also a question of mindset, according to Nationwide. Almost two-thirds of drivers who own cell phones said their colleagues, friends and families expect them to be available by cell or other electronic communication devices at all times. Check out further I.I.I. info on auto crashes.  

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  1. What are the potential benefits of banning cell phone use while driving a car or a train for that matter? Banning cell phones while operating any vehicle could potentially save people’s lives. It is my opinion that future banning of cell phone use while driving a car is a critical subject for debate and contemplation because safe driving can save a multitude of lives everyday all over the world. Cell phones have created hazardous driving situations in the past and cell phones continue to pose unsafe endangerment.

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