Driving While Texting on the Rise

The rising incidence of text messaging among drivers has again been highlighted in a survey from mobile application vendor Vlingo Corporation. The findings come just weeks after text messaging led to a Boston trolley collision, injuring 50 people. Despite driving while texting (DWT) bans in seven states and the District of Columbia as well as reports of accidents caused by DWT the survey reveals that one in four mobile phone users continue to text behind the wheel. The report also indicates that text messaging has increased steadily over the past 12 months across all age groups, with nearly 60 percent of mobile phone users now texting, compared to 54 percent in 2008. Almost 60 percent of those aged 16-19 admit DWT and 49 percent of those aged 20-29. While older drivers do not drive and text as much, still 13 percent of those in their 50s admit to doing so. Drivers in Tennessee are the worst offenders, with the highest percentage of respondents (42 percent) who admit to DWT, while Arizona has the lowest percentage (18.8 percent). Interestingly, there is a general consensus among survey respondents that DWT should be legally banned (more than 83 percent think DWT should be illegal). Check out I.I.I. information on cell phones and driving.

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