Green Homeowners Insurance

The first green homeowners policy in California will be available August 1, following approval by California’s Insurance Commissioner. Plaudits to Fireman’s Fund for developing this innovative policy. The product will enable California homeowners with conventional homes to rebuild to the latest environmental standards after a loss. Under the coverage a policyholder whose home has been partially damaged or completely destroyed will be able to repair it with green alternatives including: Energy Star-rated appliances, lighting, electronic equipment and roofing/insulation; an Energy Star upgrade of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; Forest Stewardship Council certified wood for millwork, ceilings, siding and framing; non-toxic, low odor paints and carpeting; and water-saving plumbing fixtures. The green homeowners insurance is already approved for policyholders in around 25 other states. Most other states are expected to offer the coverage by year-end.  

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  1. Does anyone know a homeowner who has purchased a green policy for the home? I’d like to interview such a person for an article I’m working on…

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