Guns in Class

This week’s news that school teachers in a Texas school district will soon be allowed to carry guns in the classroom is understandably sparking debate across the nation. The Harrold school district (in north Texas) apparently changed its policy to allow district employees to carry concealed guns on school property for their protection due to concerns over the school’s proximity to a state highway and its 30-minute distance from the nearest sheriff’s office. Check out this August 18 article in the Dallas Morning News for more information. Harrold  is reported  to be the first district with such a policy. Teachers and staff members would have to meet requirements such as: be licensed to carry a concealed handgun; be authorized to carry by the district; and receive training in crisis management and hostile situations. Pause for thought on what the liability and risk management implications of such a policy could be for educational establishments and their employees? Check out further I.I.I. info on the liability system.  

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