Hanging by a Thread

Another identifiable impact of climate change on the Antarctic environment has been captured in satellite and video images by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). The footage shows images of a huge chunk of ice breaking away from the Wilkins Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula. The BAS press release indicates the scientists’ surprise at the speed with which this has happened. “The ice shelf is hanging by a thread – we’ll know in the next few days or weeks what its fate will be,† said Professor David Vaughan of the BAS. Professor Vaughan predicted in 1993 that the northern part of the Wilkins Ice Shelf was likely to be lost within 30 years if climate warming on the Peninsula were to continue at the same rate. According to the BAS, the Antarctica region has experienced unprecedented warming over the last half century. Several ice shelves have retreated in the past 30 years, six of them collapsing completely (Prince Gustav Channel, Larsen Inlet, Larsen A, Larsen B, Wordie, Muller and the Jones Ice Shelf).

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