Happy Halloween

The extension of daylight savings time means that it will get dark later this Halloween, helping to make for a safer holiday. Still, parents need to keep in mind steps to minimize the risks as their kids go trick-or-treating. I.I.I. advises parents to accompany small children around the neighborhood and to make sure children old enough to explore the neighborhood on their own visit homes where they know they’ll be welcome. Once darkness does fall a well-lit porch is a signal that kids are welcome. Motorists need to remember that kids may be distracted by all the costumes and candy. Parents should also warn children to stay on the sidewalks and to cross the streets carefully. Reflective tape on costumes and trick-or-treat bags is a good idea, as is arranging for youngsters to go out in groups rather than alone. Further I.I.I. safety tips include: make sure costumes fit properly as loose-fitting costumes can cause a child to trip and fall; use make-up instead of masks as some masks can obstruct vision; make sure all costumes are made of non-flammable materials; keep lighted jack-o’-lanterns and candles away from children and flammable materials; inspect all treats before allowing children to eat them. Have a safe and happy Halloween!  

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