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While we’re on the subject of take-up rates, a just released RAND Corp study finds that price is not the only barrier in the decision to purchase health insurance. The study contradicts suggestions that large numbers of people without health insurance would sign up for coverage if government provided subsidies or tax credits to reduce the cost of health insurance. An estimated 45 million Americans don’t have health insurance, but government subsidies that would halve the price of health insurance would reduce that number by just 3 percent, according to RAND. Apparently, people surveyed for the study cited numerous factors influencing their decision to purchase individual health policies, including: personal attitudes toward risk; whether they believe they can get good health care without insurance; perceived difficulty in selecting a health care plan; and even concern that insurers require too much personal information for individual plans compared with group plans. So, price alone does not solve the take-up issue. I.I.I. has further info on health insurance online.

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  1. Its true! A lot of people who I’ve talked to believe choosing a health plan to be difficult and overwhelming and feel like since they aren’t educated enough about different plans, they shouldn’t spend such a large sum of money on something they don’t understand. That’s why its always a good idea to go through a broker–you have nothing to lose, they are unbiased, and can help you choose for many plans. Health insurance IS necessary…there’s even a lot online, ie Health Plan One:


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