ID Theft Legal Action

You may well have read the fascinating tale  of the CEO of identity theft protection company LifeLock, himself a victim of ID theft, who is now facing legal action from customers claiming that the company’s services did not work as advertised. According to a May 22 Associated Press article, LifeLock CEO Todd Davis had dared criminals for two years to steal his identity, even giving out his social security number in advertisements for the company. Apparently this led to at least 87 instances in which people tried to steal his identity, and one worked. Now attorneys are suing on behalf of LifeLock customers in Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia, claiming that because Davis’ records were compromised, the company doesn’t provide the comprehensive protection promised in its ads. We note that ID theft remains the number one consumer complaint received by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), accounting for 32 percent of all fraud complaints in 2007. Some 258,427 identity theft complaints were reported to the FTC in 2007, up 5 percent on the previous year. ID theft may be covered by insurance. Check out further I.I.I. info on this topic.

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