Immeasurable Challenge

Word on the street is that immeasurable risks are the biggest threat to the industry, according to a poll of executives at this week’s  International Insurance Society (IIS) annual  seminar in Berlin. Some 41 percent of attendees identified immeasurable risks as the biggest concern. Next up was inadequate human capital with 27 percent citing it as the biggest threat. New market opportunities were the top issue for 24 percent, while 21 percent cited competitive pricing and adequate profitability. Regulation challenges were identified as the biggest threat by 20 percent of those polled. The results are interesting given a recent survey of international risk managers by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) (see May 3 posting). After climate change, respondents cited least confidence in how their organizations were handling terrorism risk and human capital risks. It strikes us that terrorism risk is a good example of an immeasurable risk, and human capital risks are clearly an ongoing concern for both insurers and their clients. How do we address these concerns going forward? What are your thoughts?  For more on international insurance,  check out  the  I.I.I.’s updated International Insurance Fact Book online.

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