Indoor Mold Warning

A study from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) once again throws the spotlight on the issue of mold. GAO’s findings suggest that while federal guidance on minimizing indoor mold growth is generally consistent, guidance on mitigating exposure to indoor mold is sometimes inconsistent about cleanup agents, protective clothing and equipment and sensitive populations. As a result, GAO warns that the public may not be sufficiently advised of indoor mold’s potential health risks. GAO notes that mold growth may be particularly severe following natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. However, it says that differences among guidance documents could confuse the public about the safest and most effective way to remove mold. For example, if bleach is not necessary in most instances, using it unnecessarily could lead to avoidable problems, since bleach itself is a hazardous substance that can generate toxic fumes  if  it is mixed with ammonia based cleaners. The GAO report also calls for better coordination of federal research activities on mold and other indoor air issues. Check out I.I.I. information on mold and the insurance industry.  

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