Insurance and Changing Demographics

Insurers are constantly looking to develop products for the future, products that respond to emerging trends and changing customer needs. One of those trends is shifting demographic patterns. A media roundtable hosted by Allianz next Tuesday in Manhattan will address the topic of changing demographic trends in the U.S. and how this will play an increasingly important role in the products offered by insurers and financial services companies. A panel of experts from Allianz companies will address different aspects of this trend. Fireman’s Fund will talk about the aging society and the increased need for assisted and senior living facilities as an opportunity for the commercial insurer. Allianz Life will discuss how a life insurer can cater to the changing face of the U.S. population with increasing influence from Latino and other ethnic communities. Allianz Global Investors will discuss the importance of financial planning for the future given increasing college participation at skyrocketing costs. The event will take place 10-11am Tuesday October 23, at Allianz Global Investor HQ, 1345 Avenue of the Americas, 49th Floor, New York, NY 10105. Tel: (212) 938-0630.  

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