Investment Strategies Unchanged in Recession

Despite the economic recession and tumults in the stock market, all major categories of institutional investors, including insurers, have remained fundamentally committed to the same investment policies they were adopting prior to the credit crunch. In its annual Institutional Investment Report, The Conference Board notes that insurance companies were the least affected of all the institutional investors by plunging stock values due to their lower exposure to stock. “The property/casualty segment, in particular, reported asset distributions substantially identical to those of prior years, when investments in equities were never increased to the level that preceded the U.S. recession of 2001-2002,† the report states. I.I.I. data shows that p/c insurers are conservative investors, with some two-thirds of their investment assets held in bonds. The Conference Board report notes that by the end of 2008, institutional investors as a whole had only 36.6 percent of their assets in equities, down from 47.2 percent at the end of 2007. However, these revisions appear to have been driven by market declines rather than by changes in investment policies. National Underwriter writes on the Conference Board report here. Check out I.I.I. information on insurers as investors.

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