Judicial Hellholes for the New Year

In the waning days of 2008, best/worst of the year reports are plentiful and one not to be missed is the American Tort Reform Association’s (ATRA) Judicial Hellholes 2008/2009 report that names and shames some of the nation’s most unfair civil court jurisdictions. This year’s list includes perennial hellholes West Virginia, South Florida and Cook County, Illinois; relative newcomers Clark County, Nevada, and Atlantic County, New Jersey; as well as Los Angeles County, California, and Alabama’s Macon and Montgomery counties – both returning to the spotlight after respective absences.  A new section in this year’s report is the aptly titled “Rogues’ Gallery†Ã‚  which ATRA says is designed to remind policymakers, particularly those in Congress that “just like professional athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs and corporate accountants who take ill-advised shortcuts, there are influential plaintiffs’ lawyers who unscrupulously and sometimes illegally work to corrupt the nation’s civil justice system and they, too, warrant aggressive oversight.† Definitely worth checking out, as is an I.I.I. update on the liability system.  

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