Legal Experts Wrap Up 2010

Legal decisions can have a big impact on insurance coverage and insurers, and as the year comes to a close there are several not-to-be-missed round-ups penned by the legal experts.

Attorney Randy Maniloff of law firm White and Williams LLP offers us the 10th anniversary edition of the year’s most significant insurance decisions with Endurance Coverage 2010: The Year’s 10 Most Significant Insurance Decisions.

Maniloff’s accompanying 3rd annual Coverage for Dummies special report adds to the holiday entertainment with its collection of examples of the shocking behavior that causes injury, followed by the filing of a lawsuit and then an insurance claim.

Meanwhile if you’re seeking an insurance professional’s take on the holiday classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, look no further than Coverage Counsel blog, where editor Roy Mura  gives us  the risky  version of this well-known poem.

Happy holidays to all our readers!

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