Managing The Risks Of Outdoor Events

Severe weather at an outdoor festival has proved deadly for the second time in less than a week.

At least  five people  are reported dead  and  dozens  injured after a stage collapsed  in heavy storms during a set by the Smith Westerns at the Pukkelpop Festival in Hasselt, Belgium yesterday.

Rolling Stone reports that this is the fourth major stage collapse incident this summer.

Just last weekend a stage collapsed onto the audience during a storm at the Indiana State Fair just as the band Sugarland was about to take the stage.  Six people have died and some two dozen  have been  injured. has more on the insurance implications of this tragic event.

Earlier in August extreme weather caused a video screen to collapse as the band Flaming Lips was about to take the stage at Tulsa’s Brady Block Party in Oklahoma, and in July the stage collapsed from beneath the band Cheap Trick at the Ottawa Bluesfest in Canada during a severe windstorm.

These events underscore the importance of safety and risk management when it comes to outdoor events, such as concerts, festivals and fairs.

An Associated Press article via CSI Special Event Insurance notes that concert events have increased in size and scale, becoming more elaborate and often involving tons of lighting and video equipment.

AP also notes that there are no standard safety regulations for outdoor events.

Special events insurance can provide a range of coverages such as event cancellation, bodily injury, venue liability  and workers’ compensation. Coverage can be tailored for a specific event to meet the risks involved.

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