MarketScout: Upward Adjustment In Rates Continues

The composite rate for U.S. commercial lines – commercial property, casualty and professional lines coverage – was up 3 percent in April 2012 compared to a year ago, according to the latest analysis from online insurance exchange MarketScout.

Workers’ compensation and property coverage rates rose the most at plus 4 percent, the same as in March 2012. BOP and general liability were up 3 percent.

While historically there has been a considerable difference in the underwriting approaches among the various types of insurers, recently MarketScout has noticed that both admitted and non-admitted insurers are pricing similarly.

Richard Kerr, CEO of MarketScout, suggested this could mean a boost in business for non-admitted insurers in future:

The recent similar pricing strategies could ultimately lead to more business for the non-admitted insurers as admitted insurers begin to restrict their risk appetite and simply decline to write tougher accounts.†


The I.I.I. defines admitted insurers as those licensed to do business in a particular state. Non-admitted insurers are licensed in some states, but not others. States where an insurer is not licensed call that insurer non-admitted. They sell coverage that is unavailable from licensed insurers within the state.

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