Mobile Devices Becoming Important Tool in Search for Insurance Coverage

More insurance buyers are using mobile devices to begin their search for insurance coverage, though most complete their purchase offline, according to a study from Telmetrics conducted by Nielsen.

It reports that around half of insurance buyers begin the insurance research process on a mobile device, but 60 percent still use PCs in their purchase decision.

Ultimately, one out of four mobile insurance searches result in a conversion, and most (43 percent) make that conversion via a phone call to a local agent or to a company’s toll-free number.

The majority (80 percent) of insurance buyers using mobile devices search for auto insurance, followed by 38 percent for home insurance and 22 percent for health insurance.

A press release quotes Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics:

Generating a 60-40 offline-online conversion split, insurance is a true multi-media engagement category that requires insurance marketers to meet a range of consumers’ search and conversion needs.

To aid mobile-driven conversions via calls, mobile insurance campaigns should prominently feature phone numbers and local agent office information for consumers to easily connect and make a purchase.†

The study also reveals that insurance buyers take a long time to consider their purchase and mobile is involved at every stage.

Nearly half of mobile insurance users take a month or longer to make a purchase and less than a quarter of insurance purchases happen within the day.

Hat tip to Insurance & Technology which reports on the findings here.

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