NV Levee Rupture

Pictures of the extensive flooding in Fernley, Nevada, after a canal levee ruptured due to heavy rainfall gave us pause for thought. Hundreds of homes are reported damaged and while many homeowners were expected to be able to return to their properties, up to 8 feet of flooding was reported in some areas. The canal rupture came amid a winter storm system that hit the West hard over the weekend. Last February (see our February 1, 2007, posting) we cited a list from the Army Corp of Engineers showing that 127 levees across the U.S. are at risk of failing. The ill-maintained levees are spread across 26 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The weekend’s events underscore the importance of flood insurance. Check out I.I.I.’s flood statistics for more information.  

2 thoughts on “NV Levee Rupture”

  1. I live in Reno, Nevada. While the flood in Fernley was bad, it wasn’t that bad. Less than 10 houses were red tagged, which means there was very extensive or total damage.

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