Online Sales

Just how important a role the Web plays in the sale of insurance is a question we’re often asked. Luckily Celent has published “Online Insurance Sales and Marketing: What’s Happening and What’s Happening Next†, an update to  a 2002 study. The updated report projects that insurance sales will double by 2011 and that the Web will play a major role in most purchases of personal insurance across auto, life and health. Celent notes that the Web has become an increasingly important communication channel between sellers and buyers of personal insurance. Most consumers’ purchasing process is Web-influenced, it says. Further, search engines like Google and Yahoo! are critical channels for insurers that cannot afford massive consumer marketing campaigns to drive shoppers directly to their sites and more insurers are embracing search engine optimization to help capture these shoppers. While pure online sales are growing, Celent estimates they will still account for less than 15 percent of sales, even in personal auto. It also believes 100 percent online sales are unlikely to exceed 30 percent in any business area. Do you agree with these findings? Is the face-to-face sale becoming a thing of the past?  

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