Oscar Time

Forget the category for Best Picture. With the Academy Awards just two days away, it’s the riskiest films of the year that insurers are thinking about. And, the awards go to “2012″, “Crazy Heart,” “Inglorious Basterds,” and “Nine,” according to Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, the leading insurer of major Hollywood films for more than 85 years.

Over to Wendy Diaz, entertainment underwriting director at Fireman’s Fund: “While people enjoyed watching these movies, most weren’t aware of the risk challenges involved when filming complex sequences that included air and watercraft stunts, strenuous dance sequences, air balloon explosions, and simulated natural disasters.” She notes that these types of scenes contribute appreciably to a film’s overall risk and Fireman’s Fund helps by creating solutions to cover specific exposures. Take Best Picture nominee “Inglorious Basterds.” Filmed in Germany and the UK, this period piece is based in World War II and includes many stunts, fight scenes and pyrotechnics. International locations also pose a wide variety of challenges for filmmakers, including the set, transportation of film, equipment and costumes, and the potential of dealing with illness in a foreign country.

During the filming process movie studios must protect themselves from a variety of insurance risks and liabilities to their cast members, crew and the production process. Tailored insurance solutions, such as those provided by Fireman’s Fund, can help producers and studios attain the artistic results they are seeking, while also ensuring the movie is filmed safely, on-time and within budget.

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