Postseason Forecast

Continuing our postseason theme, today Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project issued its summary of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season. Right off the bat, the team admits that its 2007 seasonal hurricane forecast was not particularly successful. While it anticipated an above-average season, the season had activity at near-average levels. As we noted yesterday, everyone will remember 2007 as the season the U.S. dodged the bullet of two category 5 hurricanes. But as the CSU team reminds us, one hurricane, two tropical storms and one tropical depression did make U.S. landfall this year. While tropical depression Barry and tropical storm Gabrielle did minimal damage, Hurricane Humberto caused an estimated $250 million in insured damage in Texas. Damage from Erin is unavailable. For the record, in total the 2007 season saw 14 named storms, six hurricanes, of which two were intense. The CSU team will issue its first forecast for the 2008 hurricane season December 7. Check out further I.I.I. hurricane facts & stats.

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