Prepare for Earthquakes

California residents are the weakest link in earthquake preparedness and more than 60 percent have not done enough to make their homes safer and guard their personal finances, according to a newly released study. The California Earthquake Preparedness Survey conducted by the University of California Los Angeles School of Public Health for the state Emergency Management Agency found that many California residents have taken the easy route to prepare for a large-scale quake, by collecting supplies and making back-up copies of important documents. However, they have not taken additional steps to prepare such as securing the contents of their home or purchasing earthquake insurance. Key takeaways of the study include: fewer than 20 percent of households have structurally reinforced their homes or had their homes inspected for earthquake resistance; fewer than 20 percent of Californians have purchased earthquake insurance; only 40 percent keep the recommended minimum of three gallons of water stored per person; only 40 percent of Californians have made family disaster plans. A press release quotes Secretary Matthew Bettenhausen of the California EMA: “The recent earthquakes in Chile and Haiti are unwelcome reminders of the devastating impact earthquakes can have on people and communities. It calls attention to the need for Californians to do even more to prepare for the big one.† Check out a March 8 article in the Sacramento Business Journal for more on this story. An I.I.I.  brief explains how California residents can purchase earthquake insurance from the California Earthquake Authority (CEA). Check out the I.I.I. online publication Firm Foundation to see how insurers support the California economy and I.I.I. facts and stats on earthquakes.

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