Pride Awareness

June is Pride month, so it’s time to highlight a few recent developments affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community that may be of interest. We’ve blogged before about how a more diverse company is a better performing company and another study from research and advisory group Catalyst supports this theory. Titled “Making Change: LGBT Inclusion – Understanding the Challenges† the report explores how LGBT issues are a key component of any comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy in business. Meanwhile, a growing number of states in the northeast (CT, VT, NJ, ME) and west (CA, HI, WA) now have civil union or domestic partnership laws in place and  same-sex marriage has been legal in Massachusetts since May 2004. New Hampshire recently signed into law a civil union bill and Oregon will soon join the list. It’s important to recognize that the laws in each state are different and offer varying legal protections to same-sex couples. Also, the state laws do not extend any of the benefits on the Federal level. Nonetheless, these developments perhaps point to an underlying trend with a potential impact for many businesses, including insurers. We welcome your thoughts.

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