Reality TV Show Risks

Were you one of the 16.4 million viewers who caught the finale of the latest season of Survivor Sunday night? If so, did you ever consider the insurance required to produce one of these shows?

The extreme risks of reality TV shows are the subject of a post over at Risk Management Monitor blog. An article at PC360 looks at the same topic.

Many of these popular shows like Fear Factor and Survivor pit contestants against the elements and test their physical limits. It would seem the higher the risks, the more entertaining the show.

In a Q+A with an insurance industry reality TV expert at Aon/Albert G. Ruben, Risk Management Monitor addresses the key issues that arise in producing a reality show and insuring it.

Some of the key takeaways: with the exception of intentional acts, no stunts or activities are uninsurable; shows with the most stunts do not necessarily generate the most claims; many production companies have contestants sign liability releases, which hold them harmless if the participant is injured during filming of the show.

PC360 also reports that even as the popularity of reality TV has increased along with the risks of ever-more dangerous stunts, with a loss ratio of less than 3 percent, insurance coverage is available and mostly affordable.

When it comes to reality TV insurance coverage then, the tribe has spoken.

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