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Could it be the next Facebook or MySpace? In a release yesterday, Dynamia Interactive announced the launch of what it claims to be the world’s first social network for the insurance industry, Sexy Insurance. Found at the site is designed to provide a niche space for professionals in our industry to meet, network and job search. Users simply sign up, log-in, and meet other users – similar to other popular social networking sites. With 42 members so far, Sexy Insurance has a way to go before rivaling Facebook’s 60 million members. Still, the site does fill a gap in the otherwise insurance-less social networking web. We’ve taken a quick look and welcome your thoughts on this or other web initiatives in insurance.  

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  1. Appreciated your post on I work with a software company (FirstBest Systems) that provides new Web 2.0-based underwriting technology to the commercial insurance industry, and we’re finding that social media and cutting-edge Web tools are gradually becoming recognized as a necessity — why? To attract the next generation of talent. Young MBAs are not willing to work in an industry that still sends claims submissions by fax and has people sit in front of dumb terminals all day. Perhaps you would care to comment on the technology imperative to attract the MySpace generation?
    Enjoy your posts!

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