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Before you head off to enjoy the barbecues and fireworks, it’s time for our annual Independence Day fact file. Here is this most American of holidays by the numbers, courtesy of the Census Bureau:

  • In July 1776, an estimated 2.5 million people lived in the 13 colonies . According to recent projections, there are 330 million residents as of July 1, 2019.
  • The oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence was Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, age 70.
  • The youngest signer, at age 26, was Edward Rutledge of South Carolina.
  • $368.6 million worth of fireworks were sold in 2012 through establishments classified as NAICS 453998 and all other miscellaneous retailers (except tobacco stores).


Have a safe and happy holiday!

Fourth of July Celebrations Spark Pet Injuries


While Fourth of July is a time of celebration for Americans, man’s best friend may be at increased risk for injury and illness over the holiday.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co shares the most common Fourth of July related pet injuries based on its database of more than 525,000 insured pets.

Pets are at risk for a number of firework-related injuries. Common injuries include: burns; strangulation from getting a collar caught on a fence or jumping a fence due to the loud noise of fireworks; and laceration from breaking through a glass window or fence. Average costs for treatment run upward from $355.

Other common holiday-related injuries/illness include heat stroke, drowning after falling in a pool and poisoning from eating chocolate or table scraps and ingesting alcohol.

VPI suggests pet owners plan ahead with the following tips to keep our furry friends safe during the holiday weekend:

  1. Set up a safe zone for your pet and never leave your pet unattended or tied up in the back yard.
  2. Leave out extra water bowls to ensure your pet stays hydrated and be aware of foods that could be toxic to your dog.
  3. Be mindful of your dog around a pool and if they are allowed to swim, make sure they’re a comfortable swimmer and know how to get out of the pool.

The American Kennel Club makes the point that it’s safer to keep your pets at home during Fourth of July celebrations instead of bringing them to your neighbor’s party. Keeping your pet in a safe room where he/she is comfortable can reduce stress from the noise of fireworks.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July Dangers

Turns out the Fourth of July holiday can be a dangerous one. Before you head out to enjoy the barbecues and fireworks, consider the following.

The Fourth of July is the most dangerous holiday for drivers, according to State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. The Hartford Courant’s Insurance Capital blog reports that over the past five years an average 6,031 collision claims have been made by State Farm policyholders nationwide on July 4.

By way of comparison,  New Year’s Day saw 5,403 collision claims and Memorial Day 5,321 claims over the same five-year period.

Similarly, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that July 4 is one of the days with the highest number of crash fatalities. From 2004 to 2008 there were about 148 crash deaths each July 4, compared with 114 on a typical day.

Check out I.I.I. facts and stats on highway safety for more information.

Have a safe and happy holiday!