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Trumpcare: What’s In A Name?

There are a lot of unknowns right now about what Trumpcare, the replacement for Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act, may bring.

So the news that South Carolina-based Hibbits Insurance has filed an application to trademark the name Trumpcare is drawing a lot of curiosity.

As the South Carolina Post and Courier reports, Hibbits filed the application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on January 19, 2017 – one day before the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

The Post and Courier says the filing date was coincidence, but the decision to trademark intentional.

It quotes Jack Hibbits, vice president at Hibbits Insurance, saying:

“It would be a strategic opportunity for us to trademark what could become an equally popular term under this new administration. We would like to be using it from a marketing standpoint on our materials as well.”

Hibbits Insurance is a family-owned insurance brokerage specializing in all lines of insurance, including health.

IP Watchdog adds that in the trademark application Hibbits is seeking to protect the standard character mark Trumpcare for commercial use in offering insurance lead collection and matching services, as well as health insurance underwriting.