Terrorism Threat Map

Although the prospect of a major terrorist attack in a Western country is ever present, Aon’s 2009 Terrorism Threat Map shows a more settled outlook for North America, Europe and Australia. In a press release, Aon notes that while evidence of plots emerges from time to time, there is often a protracted timeframe between them. “We are unlikely to see the frequency of attacks in Western countries that we might have expected a few years ago. We attribute this to better counter-terrorism capability,† Aon said. However, it warned that the global recession could lead to a new generation of terrorists emerging from disaffected communities in a re-emergence of class-based politics. This raises the prospect of new terrorist groups forming in the developed world on the far right and left of the ideological spectrum. With the election of a more liberal President in the United States, uplift in activity from domestic far right and militia groups is possible, according to Aon. A shift in Islamist terrorist activity from the Middle East to South Asia is the primary feature of this year’s terrorism map. It shows a trend towards fewer terrorist attacks in the Middle East but increased activity in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, with Thailand and Nepal also showing higher levels of activity. Check out I.I.I.  facts and stats  on terrorism.

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