Thai Floods: Insured Losses And Social Media Updates

Thailand has seen its worst flooding in decades over the last few months.  At least  400 fatalities have been attributed to the floods in Thailand and neighboring Cambodia and Vietnam, while severe damage has been caused across the country. Floodwaters have now reached the capital Bangkok.

Insured losses from the Thai floods are likely to run into billions of dollars, much of which will be funded by international insurers and reinsurers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Risk Management Monitor reports on the significant impact the Thai floods are having on the global supply chain.

Meanwhile, a post by the Wall Street Journal’s South East Asia Real Time blog observes that traffic of online social media and other websites has surged during the Thai flood disaster.

It reports:

The number of Twitter users in Thailand has climbed 20 percent to 600,000 in the past two months when the impact of the floods were just starting to bear down on the kingdom, according to local media reports. Monthly growth for social media usage is usually in the single-digits. News websites and blogs, meanwhile, have also seen a surge in traffic.†

The WSJ gives an overview of the key Twitter accounts providing flood updates, but it goes on to point out that not everyone is pleased that social media is increasingly the medium of choice for disaster updates.

The comments are interesting given that  a survey from the American Red Cross last year found that web users increasingly rely on social media to seek help in a disaster or emergency, and expect first responders to be listening.

Check out’s Big Picture for a series of powerful images of the flood waters that have inundated northern Thailand and now reached Bangkok.

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